Follow a woman’s desperate journey to save her sister from dark magic and against monumental odds.

Bridget’s sister is missing and everyone has given up hope. Everyone except Bridget. Determined to take matters into her own hands, she begins searching the misty streets of Cleveland, Ohio for answers. What she finds points to something far more ominous than a missing person’s case. Now she’s caught up in an unpredictable world of ancient magic and sinister secrets, hidden in plain sight. To save her sister, Bridget must adapt to her new reality and forge an uneasy truce with immortal beings before it’s too late.

This up-and-coming adult contemporary fantasy novel is co-written with Marie Parks and is currently being queried.

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The Reserves

The Reserves are the lifeblood of the nation.

In an otherwise barren landscape, the magically reinforced Land Reserves provide the only source of food, water, and medicine. As a proud defender of the Fern Reserve, Elia knows the health and wellbeing of both her people and their magic-wielding Alenic neighbors is in her hands.

Then one of the Reserves begins leaking magic. Beyond Elia’s ability to fix, she and her best friend Trysa are forced to team up with Alenic mages. Together, they must uncover the cause of the breach, before it’s too late.

This adult LGBTQ+ fantasy novel is currently being drafted.





Is your classroom causing introverted students to burn out? Are you an introverted teacher, wondering how to survive another year?

Both students and teachers face an expectation of constant collaboration. This can be incredibly draining for introverts, who need alone time to recharge. Unfortunately, modern school culture doesn’t always take this into account.

Every teacher will come across an introverted student. Every administration will enlist the help of introverted teachers. It’s time to embrace introversion and understand it for the gift it is.

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