The Creative Writer’s Swipe File

From pantser to planner
Planning and accountability tools for writers.

Special Offer: The Creative Writer’s Swipe File

for brainstorming, planning, and accountability.

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As a writer, I’ve often struggled with planning, especially at the beginning stages of a project. I often want to dive right in, only to realize later that I have no real sense of who my characters are, or what the setting is.

To combat this, I’ve developed a series of templates that help me stay on track. These documents help me set goals, create worlds, and hold myself accountable.

Today, I want to offer you these same templates for just $7, so you can tackle your next project with confidence.

Included in the Swipe File:

  • Goal Setting Document
  • Accountability Chart
  • Setting Development Template
  • Brainstorming Guides
  • Character Outlines
  • Plotting and Planning Worksheet
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